[plt-scheme] fluxus 0.13

From: Dave Griffiths (dave at pawfal.org)
Date: Mon Sep 24 04:53:18 EDT 2007

Hi Stephen,

> I'm trying to get a handle on what fluxus is/does;
> inputs-
> -audio:possibly fft processed to identify components like beats

fft processed to identify some frequency information - no beat detection yet.

- keyboard/mouse events
- osc network messages (http://www.cnmat.berkeley.edu/OpenSoundControl/)

> -a console

The console and editor are ways to write Scheme in an integrated way with
the graphics  - but you don't have to use them, it works inside DrScheme
and Mred - I'm still putting the finishing touches to a nice interface for
this, but it works in a raw form now (by rendering into a Mred GL

> on the inside of the black box:
> -state machines
> -primitives: eg torus
> -render loop(?what happens here)
> -components of the audio may affect attributes displayed (either of
> primitives or of the animation in part or whole)

On the inside it's really a game engine, with a scenegraph for storing
primitive geometry and state information hierachically. It supports a
range of primitive types, polygons, NURBS, implicit surfaces and particles
are probably the main ones. It also integrates some other things like ODE
for rigid body dynamics, and GLSL shaders for GPU programming.

> outputs-
> live opengl animation
> overlayed with console interactions (possibly opengl rendered text in
> the truetype font of choice?)

Yup - I also use OSC message output to use it to drive a soft synth for
this sort of thing: http://www.pawfal.org/al-jazari/




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