[plt-scheme] fluxus 0.13

From: Jon Rafkind (workmin at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sat Sep 22 14:35:38 EDT 2007

Jon Rafkind wrote:
> Dave Griffiths wrote:
>> act of a flowing; a continuous moving on or passing by, as of a flowing
>> stream; a continuous succession of changes
>> A graphical livecoding environment for Scheme. Builds for Linux (and
>> sometimes OSX), and released under the GPL licence.
> After a lot of fiddling around I got fluxus to work but it didn't show
> any cool 3d graphics on my screen. I tried loading some of the tutorials
> like secret-one.keys with
> $ ./fluxus secret-one.keys
> Which showed all the text in secret-one.keys in the editor but then
> nothing interesting happened. How do I replay this keys file? Also the
> links from
> http://www.pawfal.org/index.php?page=FluxusSecrets are slightly broken,
> there is an extra 's' on all the secretS-xxx.keys file.
Ok scratch some of that.
1. i didn't realize your site was a wiki so I fixed the links
2. ./fluxus foo doesn't execute foo but (load "foo") inside the fluxus
repl does.

When I load secret-one.keys I get "undefined reference to keydown". I
also tried loading the game from here
http://www.pawfal.org/index.php?page=QfluxGame2 which gives "undefined
reference to __build".

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