[plt-scheme] fluxus 0.13

From: Glauber Alex Dias Prado (glauberalex at uol.com.br)
Date: Sat Sep 22 13:23:53 EDT 2007

Matthias Felleisen <matthias at ccs.neu.edu> writes:

> Dave, can you share with us what (1) live coding really means (live
> audience, electronic audience, feedback?, off-line audience i.e.,
> recorded) and (2) what fluxus contributes to live coding the actual
> case. (If it were in front of a live audience, what do you need
> beyond drscheme or emacs/mzschme?.) Thanks -- Matthias
Hi Matthias, excuse my intromission Dave, also sorry for sending a half
answered response (was an error on my side here, too many buttons :)).

Now that the damage is done im going to try to answer it as i could
understand up to till now and let Dave give a more tailored answer.

In simple terms live coding is the act of performing coding lively to an
audience and personally i think a recorded session should fit, but it
would not have the same "adrenaline" as performing it in front of an
audience of "living" persons, neither the same result.

And Fluxus is a platform for it, there are many ways of doing so, i saw
that people are performing livecoding using haskell, perl,
super-collider, scheme (fluxus and impromptu) and many others. 

What makes Fluxus special is the diversity of features that can be
combined to show something sensorially pleasant, also Fluxus itself can
be used to perform live coding lonely but most sessions of live coding require
not only visual content being generated from code but also music and
some would say primarily music as it can be something imho that can
talks directly to the soul of the public. So the usual workflow of using
fluxus in a full live coding session is something like : 

fluxus -> osc -> audio synthesizer engine
    ^                        ↓
    |                        ↓ 
    ------ fft --------  jack-audio         

whereas fluxus can be used either directly (and imho preferably) through
its mzscheme interpreter scratchpad editor or trough drscheme the latter
being most usefull for those learning scheme/fluxus and not really
performing live coding (as it is my case).



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