[plt-scheme] WebFetchingHttpsUrl

From: troels knak-nielsen (troelskn at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Sep 12 11:35:56 EDT 2007

On 9/12/07, Noel Welsh <noelwelsh at gmail.com> wrote:
> What version of PLT Scheme are you using.  I just tried the code in
> 371 and... It Works For Me!  Perhaps you need to upgrade?

It says:
tkn at tkn-laptop:~/src/scratch/scheme$ mzscheme -v
Welcome to MzScheme version 352, Copyright (c) 2004-2006 PLT Scheme Inc.

That should be the latest?

I'm, still getting the same error. My script looks like this:
tkn at tkn-laptop:~/src/scratch/scheme$ cat test.ss
#!/usr/bin/mzscheme -r
(require (lib "url.ss" "net"))
(require (prefix ssl: "ssl-url.scm"))
    (string->url "https://www.paypal.com:443"))))
tkn at tkn-laptop:~/src/scratch/scheme$ ./test.ss
ssl-url.scm:12:9: compile: unbound variable in module in: define-compound-unit

Bonus question; What's the difference between naming files *.ss and *.scm ?

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