[plt-scheme] swindle and custom struct

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Sep 6 21:48:33 EDT 2007

On Sep  6, YC wrote:
> Thanks Will!  I tried it and it works ;) except the generic make method -
> i.e. can't do (make <my-struct> ...).
> After looking at the defstruct code - it appears that it calls a private
> function called struct-type->class* and this function builds on top of
> struct-type->class and use it to track the slots for all the types created
> via defstruct and thus allow the structs to be created via made.
> I guess to fully integrate with the make method the function
> struct-type->class* should be exported...?

The classes that you get from `struct-type->class' are intended for
generic function dispatching only.  Making <make> work with these will
require much more work.

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