[plt-scheme] Lightweight object system

From: Dave Griffiths (dave at pawfal.org)
Date: Tue Sep 4 11:22:26 EDT 2007

> On 9/4/07, Dave Griffiths <dave at pawfal.org> wrote:
>> > Are you thinking more from a purely technical level, or
>> methodological?
>> Maybe both - I had assumed (and I may well assume wrong) that class
>> systems technically are implementations of closures.
> They are implemented using closures; but you get a lot more out of a
> canned object system rather than implementing ad-hoc classes using
> closures.
> Suppose that you want to be sure that your class implements some
> expected functions, so you use interfaces. It makes it easier to find
> errors when people change/break stuff. You don't want to have to
> reinvent the wheel.


But it seems there are multiple object systems to choose from - do they
fill different niches, or is this considered a problem? (i.e. portability
of code between different object systems).

To put it another way - will an object system ever be part of RnRS, or is
this verging on heresy ;)



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