[plt-scheme] UBUNTU Gusty - no joy

From: airfoil at bellsouth.net (airfoil at bellsouth.net)
Date: Wed Oct 31 14:59:00 EDT 2007

Hi folks,

For security related reasons, I can't discuss the
details that have kept me off the great plt-scheme
mail list for the last several months.  Just know
that I have missed reading and interacting with
the gracious and thought provoking people on this

I recently downloaded the UBUNTU binary installer.
The shell script went without a hitch, and the programs
are clearly placed in /usr/bin.  However, there appears
to be a problem in the install, as invoking any of the
programs (drscheme, mred, mzscheme) brings up a complaint
that, in the case of drscheme, says "/usr/bin/mred not found",
or something to that effect.  But mred does in fact reside
where the program complains it is not.

Have anyone seen this before?  Is there a solution?


airfoil at schemekeys.net

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