[plt-scheme] PRegexp issue

From: Paulo J. Matos (pocm at soton.ac.uk)
Date: Sun Oct 28 12:24:37 EDT 2007

Hello all,

I didn't report this as a bug because I don't really know much about
pregexp, however, this interactions makes me think something is wrong
with 371.3:
> (pregexp-match-positions "[:digit:]" "[1 implements] -This implements the blablablu")
((3 . 4))
> (pregexp-match-positions "\\d" "[1 implements] -This implements the blablablu")
((1 . 2))

Is this supposed to be like this? Or is there a bug here somewhere? I
would say that the first reply from the repl is incorrect.

Paulo Jorge Matos - pocm at soton.ac.uk
PhD Student @ ECS
University of Southampton, UK

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