[plt-scheme] append!?

From: Majorinc, Kazimir (kazimir at chem.pmf.hr)
Date: Tue Oct 23 01:50:15 EDT 2007

Matthias wrote:

<And now you have lost _everything_ from the (huge) standard library 
from Scheme. This kind of loss tends to suggest a programming style that 
goes against the grain of the intended design style. You may to ponder 
this implication. -- Matthias >

OK, I will.

You didn't answered me on this :

<... on that way there is no significant difference between empty and 
non-empty list, both are mutable. Obviously, it is not the Lisp way - 
but it begs for the question, why not? Did original designer or anyone 
else discussed it in some serious publication, or it was taken for 
granted without much questioning?>

So, this particular list implementation with NIL used as a, say, 
surrogate for empty list - is it well thought and discussed idea ended 
with a conscious decision in the Lisp or Scheme community or it just 
happened someone (McCarthy?) did it once, never explained it and nobody 
really questioned it seriously? In the case it is conscious decision, 
there should be significant body of a published material dealing with 
subject, comparing pro's and contra's of a possibilities similar to few 
discussed here.

Of course, anyone well informed can answer on this, not only Matthias.

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