[plt-scheme] MzScheme on Nokia N800

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sat Oct 20 21:09:06 EDT 2007

On Oct 20, Paul A. Steckler wrote:
> I should be receiving my Nokia N800 tablet computer today.
> At maemo.org, there is a listing of language implementations 
> that have been ported to the N770/N800.  Among those are 
> Python and Guile, so maybe MzScheme is a good candidate for 
> porting.  The Python implementation has bindings for GTk,
> so you can build GUIs; it'd be nice to use Mz in that way.
> The N800 runs Linux 2.6.something, so maybe Mz will Just Work.
> The processor is not x86, it's ARM.  Will that bother the 
> 3m GC?
> I *may* make porting Mz to the N800 a project for myself.

IIRC, the main two "problems" will be the JIT (which you won't have
anyway since it's implemented for PPC and Intel only), and libffi
(which you can disable in the build).  Actually, I think that only
some parts of libffi don't work -- perhaps it's creating C closures?

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