[plt-scheme] PLT goes Hollywood

From: Anton van Straaten (anton at appsolutions.com)
Date: Sat Oct 20 07:30:45 EDT 2007

Shriram Krishnamurthi wrote:
> In the past we have resisted using even Flash because it wouldn't
> work in the Help Desk browser.
> Good videos are even harder to produce.  To begin with, we need
> someone with a good, gravely voice.  Maybe when Fred Thompson's
> presidential run is over...

I'm imagining Don LaFontaine's[*] voice, saying something like (first 

"In a world... where programming languages suffer from fixed syntaxes, 
gratuitous mutation, and arbitrary abstraction ceilings... one language 
alone has the courage to take a stand, refusing to accept the 
boilerplate, bugs, and blatant backwardness of lesser languages.  This 
summer, those languages will have nowhere to hide.  Here comes... PLT 

[*] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_LaFontaine

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