[plt-scheme] 370/1 3m segfaults under linux

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Tue Oct 9 20:02:26 EDT 2007

At Wed, 10 Oct 2007 00:43:13 +0100, John Kozak wrote:
> Running built-from-source versions of 370 and 371 under i386 and
> X86_64 strains of recentish debian linux, I'm getting segfaults: after
> doing an amount of I/O (reading 1000 binary files of about 2MB each),
> I get a segfault, I think in GC.  I can't confirm this, because when I
> try to run mzscheme under gdb, it segfaults in startup!  Any thoughts?

The seg fault you see in gdb is the write barrier. Use

 handle SIGSEGV nostop noprint

and continue. When you get to the real problem (i.e., a seg fault that
isn't a write barrier), the SIGSEGV signal handler will call abort().

Any information you can extract by running in gdb will be much

I've fixed at least one GC bug since v371, but it's related to using
structs that can be applied as procedures. So, you might try the latest
from SVN (or using a source archive from the nightly-build page), if
you haven't already. My guess is that you're running into something


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