[plt-scheme] Loading at runtime

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sat Oct 6 21:20:09 EDT 2007

On Oct  6, Matt Jadud wrote:
> [...]
> and I get a path of <path:/>.
> I think that's the notation. Either way, the point is, the
> executable (Mac OSX, DrScheme 371 3m) seems to be claiming that my
> current directory is '/'.

Not surprising -- it's probably because whatever starts the program
(Finder?) works from the root.  And...

> This actually needs to deploy on Windows more than anything else,

This might get messier because on Windows users can set the directory
a program gets started in.  (But I think that it defaults to where the
application is.)

> but it strikes me as odd that I don't at least get something
> resembling a good path this way. The executable was created from
> DrScheme using "Create Executable," built for distribution, and
> based on MrEd. The executable bundle was first copied from the disk
> image onto the local HD, and then executed... which is where the
> problem/error in finding a path manifested itself.

Did you try `find-system-path' with 'exec-file or 'run-file'(and
possibly with 'orig-dir)?

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