[plt-scheme] Incremental development with DrScheme or MzScheme

From: Keith Frost (keith.l.frost at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Oct 4 11:54:17 EDT 2007

> It is possible, however, to do that with MzScheme and Emacs.  It can
> be a little difficult though if you develop code in modules -- you
> need to be able to "go into" a module namespace, and know how to
> redefine things and also reload a module.  I have a hack for these
> things, in case you're interested.  (But note that the workflow that
> DrScheme encourages is usually better.)

Please share your hack with the list.  While I agree that the DrScheme
workflow (especially with SchemeUnit) is usually better, sometimes I
write code that starts by defining objects which load and process lots
of data, and it can require odd work-arounds (serializing and
de-serializing the objects in question) when the REPL gets reset on
every code change.  And working through emacs, (require
"my-module.ss") doesn't reload the module....

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