[plt-scheme] scrolling inside an editor-snip?

From: harsha (harsha.v.r at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Oct 2 23:50:35 EDT 2007

hi, i have a question about a editor-snip% class in mred   one of the
requirements in my program's interface is to have little editor-boxes
in a canvas with edges between them, the user should be able to enter
text into the these boxes, i use editor-snip% with the graph-snip
mixin to draw the edges. the edges work out pretty well, my problem is
with the editor-snips themselves.

the problem is that when the text entered exceeds the snip's size the
cursor just disappears, one can still type and it will be stored in
the editor's value field, but one can't see what one is typing.
when this happens in other mind mapping programs like kdissert, a
scrollbar appears inside the editor-snip and one can keep typing while
seeing what you type
what is the easiest way in which i can implement this functionality?
has anyone implemented a custom editor-snip widget class with
scrolling capability?
if not, what would i need to do to implement this, there are functions
in the editor snip% class which return the number of scroll-steps and
the height of each step, but there are no functions to actually start
displaying text from a certain scroll-step.

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