[plt-scheme] Slideshow and pretty-print

From: yug at ios.ac.cn (yug at ios.ac.cn)
Date: Mon Nov 26 07:12:42 EST 2007


I get two questions:

1. in slideshow, why code could not print my s-exp good?

2. How can I reserve the annotations when I apply pretty-print ?

below is the demo code, thanks!

(module pretty-print-test (lib "slideshow.ss" "slideshow")
  (require (lib "pretty.ss")
           (lib "code.ss" "slideshow"))

  (define code-test '(code "DrScheme" "DrScheme"
                           "DrScheme" (break one) (break two) "DrScheme"
                           (break three) "DrScheme"))

   (code #,code-test))

  ;; it is different in REPL

  (define test
      '(this is
             a test))
  (define ptest
    (pretty-format test))

   (code #,ptest)))

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