[plt-scheme] Re: What to augment, how to highlight ?

From: Laurent (Ouaibou at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Nov 25 05:04:18 EST 2007

Okay, thanks ;)

However, i always have a prob with string and comment :

[str (concatenation "\"" (repetition 0 +inf.0 (union digit letter
punctuation symbol whitespace)) "\"")]
[comment (concatenation "#" (repetition 0 +inf.0 (union digit letter
punctuation symbol whitespace "é" "è" "ù" "à" "#")) new-line)]

   (values lexeme 'constant lexeme (position-offset start-pos)
(position-offset end-pos)))

   (values lexeme 'comment lexeme (position-offset start-pos)
(position-offset end-pos)))

The expreg seem to be correct, but the colorer don't function all the
I don't know why ?



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