[plt-scheme] htdp and modules

From: Prabhakar Ragde (plragde at uwaterloo.ca)
Date: Thu Nov 22 12:32:10 EST 2007

Jan Christiansen wrote:

> this looks fine, too. Is there a possibility to get rid of the #f? In a 
> corresponding lecture the students are taught scheme and they don't 
> learn anything about this extra argument. I would like to stick to this 
> lecture as close as possible.

I will leave this question to the experts, as I am unsure of the best 
way to do it, though I believe it can be done (roughly, create a 
teachpack/module which supplies this argument and export the function, 
renaming it to what the students expect -- though the fact that macros 
are involved may complicate things somewhat).

They can avoid seeing #f in the Interactions window, though. When they 
"Choose Language", they should click on the "Details" button at the 
bottom of the dialog window, and then choose "Constructor" style instead 
of the default "write". --PR

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