[plt-scheme] Modules, structs and environments

From: Joel J. Adamson (jadamson at partners.org)
Date: Mon Nov 19 11:15:08 EST 2007

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Howdy Schemers,

There's something I'm not getting about require'ing modules,
environments and how to export struct definitions.  I'm using PLT Scheme
(MzScheme only) 371.  When I import a struct and then start a new REPL,
I get undefined identifier from within the REPL for make-`struct'.

Here's some test code:

;; struct.ss
;; this is a library that creates the struct and exports
;; it.  
(module struct mzscheme
  (provide (struct test-struct (f1 f2)))
  (define-struct test-struct (f1 f2)))

;; run.ss
;; This is "main"
;; I compile this with `mzc -v --exe run run.ss' and then invoke it from
;; the command-line
(module run mzscheme
  (require "struct.ss")

  (define test (make-test-struct

  (display test)


This prints "<struct:test-struct>" (i.e., it works) and then enters the
REPL.  If I `make-test-struct' in the REPL I get "undefined identifier:

The obvious explanation is that the REPL initializes the namespace and
therefore the struct is not imported into the new namespace.  In that
case, should I pass the environment to the REPL, and how would I do
that?  I started defining my own `eval', which seems like either playing
with fire or a sign of a novice ;)

Also I read in a draft of R6RS that run-time identifiers must be
imported with some qualification or flag --- do I need to do that in
mzscheme?  If so, how?  All I've found is require-for-syntax and
require-for-template: is there a require-for-run?

The overall rationale: my real program is to take an input file
(currently composed of scheme code) and evaluate it, and print the
results to an output file or STDOUT.  After I configure the input and
output ports from command line options, starting an REPL seemed to be
the easiest way to do this.  If there's a better way, please let me
know.  I will add custom printers and all that, but that is pretty far
down the road.

Joel J. Adamson
Pediatric Psychopharmacology Research Unit
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA  02114
(617) 643-1432
(303) 880-3109

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