[plt-scheme] Questions about Web Server usage

From: Jay McCarthy (jay.mccarthy at gmail.com)
Date: Tue May 29 18:43:15 EDT 2007

Does anyone use:


get-host or build-suspender or redirect-page from servlet-helpers.ss


I'd like to start pairing down parts of the web-server and these are
on the top of my list to go. This first set are not something the
web-server should be providing and the second are trivial little
functions that add clutter and are "bad-form."

Another question, currently the web-server provides bindings as an
alist of symbols and strings. This causes problem when non-UTF8 data
is sent to the web-server, because it cannot be turned into MzScheme's
strings. Another problem is that it complicates file-content
(currently the filename is thrown away by the server.) How to people
feel about switching to a list of bindings. Where a binding is either
(Binding:Form key:bytes? value:bytes?) or (Binding:File key:bytes?
filename:bytes? content:bytes?). This will avoid both problems.


Jay McCarthy <jay.mccarthy at gmail.com>

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