[plt-scheme] Announce: First release of DrSync, v0.5

From: Jon Rafkind (workmin at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sat May 26 17:14:10 EDT 2007

Grant Rettke wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Thanks to some well written documentation along with the help and
> encouragement of the fine members of this mailing list I've prepared
> the first release of the DrSync tool for DrScheme.
> DrSync is a tool that saves your files on frame deactivation and
> reverts them on frame activation. This tool is of particular interest
> to folks who run external programs like version control or build
> related tools on files which they are editing inside of DrScheme.
> Its current version is 0.5. In other words, "It works right on my
> machine!".
> Now I need everyone's help in finding out if it works on anyone else's
> machines AND operating systems.
> All feedback appreciated.
> Here is the link:
> http://planet.plt-scheme.org/display.ss?package=drsync.plt&owner=grettke
I put the (require (planet ...)) line in drscheme and got this error

unit: exported variable is not defined in: drscheme:tool-exports^

I'm not unit master but if you are using signatures I think you have to
use some form of unit/sig. I changed your code to

  (define tool@
    (unit/sig drscheme:tool-exports^
      (import drscheme:tool^)
      (define phase1 void)
      (define phase2 void)

And then the drscheme session could continue. But then things went
wrong. I had
(require (planet ...))
(printf ...)

And hit run at which point the gc running icon started blinking for 2-3
seconds and a new window popped open with nothing in it. When I forced
the main definitions window to lose focus the file didn't seem to be
automatically saved for me. If I'm doing something wrong could you add
instructions for how to set it up in the docs?

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