[plt-scheme] Backwards compatibility?

From: Robby Findler (robby at cs.uchicago.edu)
Date: Thu May 24 21:55:46 EDT 2007

Yes, you're right.

The only thing to do is to open in them in the old versions, either
remove the test case boxes and re-save or do "save as text" in the
file menu.

If you have many of those files, I can probably help you by writing a
script to automate either of those above actions. (Or, Eli's script
may help, too).


On 5/24/07, Mark Engelberg <mark.engelberg at gmail.com> wrote:
> I can't open any of my old scheme files in the new version.  I get
> messages like:
> Unknown snip class or version: "test-case-box%" version 2.
>  === context ===
> c:\program files\plt\collects\mred\private\editor.ss:160:35
> c:\program files\plt\collects\mred\private\editor.ss:155:29
> c:\program files\plt\collects\drscheme\private\unit.ss:1554:10:
> change-to-file method in ...heme/private/unit.ss:1146:8
> c:\program files\plt\collects\drscheme\private\unit.ss:3560:9
> ...amework/framework.ss:624:5
> temp206
> handler:open-file
> c:\program files\plt\collects\mred\private\mrmenu.ss:237:17: command
> method in basic-selectable-menu-item%
> call-with-break-parameterization
> I assume from the error message that this is related to the test
> boxes.  Is there a way to make my existing code work, or do I have to
> keep an old version of Scheme around on my system to open those files?
> Thanks,
> Mark
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