[plt-scheme] [Scheme Steering Committee announcements] Voter registration for R6RS opens; R5.93RS to be released on May 22.

From: Mitchell Wand (wand at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sun May 20 10:28:45 EDT 2007

*** Voter Registration for R6RS Opens ***

Voter registration for the R6RS Ratification process is now open.  It
will remain open until at least June 27, or two weeks after the
Editors produce their final draft.  The latter is now scheduled for
June 30 (see below).

Details of the registration process may be found at
http://www.r6rs.org/ratification/.  The relevant portions of this
process are included below.


*** R5.93RS to be released on 5/22 ***

Also, the R6RS editors have released the following statement:

 The R6RS editors voted last week to delay the release of the next draft of
 the report by one week to give us a chance to proofread the draft more
 carefully.  We therefore intend to release the R5.93RS draft on May 22 (at

 Although the formal review process has ended, R5.93RS is not intended to
 be a candidate for adoption by the steering committee through its
 ratification process.  Instead, we will continue to revise the draft,
 taking into account such public input as we receive, until we release our
 actual adoption candidate on June 30.

--Mitch Wand


R6RS Ratification

The Scheme Standardization Charter says that after the Editors submit
a proposed final draft, "the Steering Committee should then choose
either to finalize the draft or to restart the review process." This
document describes how the Steering Committee will make that

In order to be sure that the new revised Scheme standard enjoys wide
support among the Scheme community - both implementors and users - we
will hold a vote on the question of whether the draft should be
ratified. If 60% or more of those voting vote "Yes", the Steering
Committee will ratify the draft as R6RS. If fewer than 60% vote "Yes",
the Steering Committee will decide how to restart the process.

This will not be a secret ballot. The record of who voted yes, who
voted no, and why they voted no, will be made public at the end of the

Voter Registration

Anybody who has a stake in the Scheme standards process - except the
members of the Steering Committee - may participate in the
ratification vote. In order to register, a potential voter must supply
a "Statement of Interest" declaring what his stake is in the outcome
of the process. Each voter's statement must be original, must be at
least 150 words long, and must actually address the question of what
the voter's interest is in the Scheme standard. At the end of the
registration period (but before any voting), the list of enrolled
voters will be published along with their statements of interest.

Here are the voter instructions for the registration process:

    Download the registration form from
    www.r6rs.org/ratification/registration.txt. The registration form
    asks for the following information:

       1. Email Address
       2. Full Name
       3. Geographic Location (country, region, city, etc.)
       4. Affiliation (optional)
       5. Public Email Address (optional)
       6. Web Page URL (optional)
       7. Statement of Interest

    The email address supplied in item 1 will be used for all future
    correspondence with you, but will not be published. The rest of
    the form will be made public. Items 2 through 6 are for
    identification purposes only. (The email address in item 5 is
    optional as spammers will inevitably collect any address supplied

    The completed form, should be mailed to
    voter-registration at r6rs.org. We will perform a standard address
    confirmation on the email address you supply in item 1. (I.e., we
    will use it to mail you something that you have to mail back in
    order to prove that the person at that address really wants to
    vote on the future of Scheme.)

    Your Statement of Interest must be original, it must be at least
    150 words long, and it must actually address the question of what
    your interest is in the Scheme standard. Be aware that we will
    read your statement, and if we think you have seriously missed the
    mark, we will ask you to submit another one. It is not our intent
    to run an essay competition here, we are just looking for evidence
    that you're taking this seriously. (On the other hand, what you
    write here will become part of the permanent record of the Scheme
    language, so this really would be a excellent place to pull out
    your best argument for why Scheme is important!)

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