Thinking in FP vs OOP for large scale apps => Re: [plt-scheme] Imperative programming : missing the flow

From: Grant Rettke (grettke at
Date: Wed May 16 09:58:35 EDT 2007

> Thanks.  As you said, choosing the best abstraction for the job and that OOP
> is best today because it's most familiar - we are in agreement here.  My
> question for asking these questions isn't to debate that point, but rather
> to educate myself on another paradigm ( i.e. FP), so I can intelligently
> choose the best abstractions - otherwise the best abstraction (i.e. OOP most
> of the time) is best only because it's most familiar.

Sorry for beating on that point, that wasn't actually my actual intention.

When you read about modules and units, and how you can expose their
interface, you immediately recognize that idiom coming from OOP. I
suppose the next step is to get some experience and take some time
thinking about solving problems using FP. That would probably give you
a better perspective that whatever you "hear" about doing FP.

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