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From: YC (yinso.chen at
Date: Tue May 15 19:26:56 EDT 2007

On 5/15/07, Gene Sullivan <gene_sullivan at> wrote:
> > Why one RATHER than the other?
> > As one CAN do BOTH Functional programming and OOP via Scheme one can mix
> and match.
> > There are several OOP packages to pick from out of SLIB, for instance.
> > If one is comfortable using OOP with imperative flow then one can do
> this.
> > However one can use OOP methods via functional programming methods, as
> well.

Thanks Gene - yes I agree that one can use both - we are on the same page

However, I am probably not clear in my message that I am interested in
thinking in FP for large scale apps, i.e. how I can use FP for
design/modeling, so I can better conceive a large application structured in
functional style.  Cuz right now, I can't see how the FP organization is
easier than OOP, and I am interested to see if others have explored the path
to construct large scale functional program before and hopefully I can pick
up a thing or two from other's experiences and wisdoms ;)

Thank for the links - appreciated.

> Here is a top-down view of SLIB
> >
> > Here is a link to YASOS ... `Yet Another Scheme Object System'
> >
> > Perhaps it might be easier for you to first discover how to use OOP with
> Scheme, then work in less
> > imperative features and more functional programming features over time?
> > No further comments from me below.
> > All the best,
> >   Gene Sullivan
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