[plt-scheme] parser-tools

From: Sean Gillespie (seangillespie at bisonofborg.com)
Date: Mon May 14 10:14:41 EDT 2007

Thanks for the reply

>  "lex.ss" exports the following structures:
> > (struct position (offset line col))
>     These structures are bound to start-pos and end-pos.
>     Offset is the offset of the character in the input.
>     Line in the line number of the character.
>     Col is the offset in the current line.
> > (struct position-token (token start-pos end-pos))
>     src-pos-lexers return these.
>  ---------------------------------------------------------
>  So you can use position-offset, position-line, and position-col as 
>  accessors.

position-line and position-col returns #f here.  Maybe I'm not using
this right, but it doesn't seem to give me what I want.

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