[plt-scheme] question about creating an executable under Windowsusing Allegro

From: Jon Rafkind (workmin at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sun May 6 10:53:08 EDT 2007

> Do I need to have the actual Allegro binary distribution installed to
> run the .exe? Seems a bit strange, since everything works fine from
> within Dr. Scheme.
> I tried downloading a binary distribution of Allegro 4.2.1, and put
> alleg42.dll in a folder at the location mentioned in the error msg, ie.
> ../lib/windows/alleg42.dll (this feels like a major hack), but no luck -
> now I get the following error:
> C:\Documents and Settings\alex\My
> Documents\research\scheme>firstexample.exe
> ffi-obj: couldn't get "loadpng_init" from
> ".\\../lib/windows/alleg42.dll" (The specified procedure could not be
> found.; errno=127)

Well your hack didn't work because the alleg42.dll that is part of the 
planet package was specially hacked to include libpng. There are other 
hacks on linux and osx that would prevent you from doing a similar 
thing, although I think I will rectify this soon( e.g. use a plain 
allegro library ).

Anyway the main problem is the libaries exist in a non-official place, 
namely $package/lib and $package/allegro-4.2.0 as opposed to 
$package/compiled/native. Once I made this directory and moved the 
libraries there mzc was able to handle it fine. This requires a few 
changes to the Allegro package as well which I am testing now. I'll 
release a new version of the package as soon as its working.

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