[plt-scheme] PLT Scheme v369.100 is available for testing

From: jos koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Sun May 6 06:23:22 EDT 2007

Hi Eli,
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  Subject: [plt-scheme] PLT Scheme v369.100 is available for testing

  Version 369.100 is now available for testing from


  (Note that this not available from the usual download site.)

  If all goes well, we will turn this version into a v370 release
  within a couple of weeks.

  This is (again) a release that is more substantial than usual --

  * DrScheme now saves `metadata' in its files, which means that the
    language level and other settings are saved with the file.  This is
    done with a reader, so the result is a file that can be used outside
    of DrScheme too.  Also, this includes teachpacks, which are also
    specific to files.
DrScheme, version 369.100-svn5may2007 [3m] works perfect for me (I use windows xp home). My own test suite passes well and even 
somewhat faster than the build of some weeks ago.
A minor point: when opening from DrScheme an .ss file saved by the new version and containing one single module, the language is, as 
before, always set to (module ...), which is nice, but other settings are reset to the language defaults, like before too. It does 
not bother me, but your remark above gave me the impression that the settings would be the same as when the file was saved.
Let me emphasize that PLT Scheme and its team are great.
Regards, Jos
  * The default build, and the distributed installers use the 3m precise
    garbage collector.

  * The unit system is completely new, and backward incompatible with
    v360 and earlier.  There are libraries that provide the old
    functionality as a quick upgrading solution.

  Your help and feedback in testing this new release candidate would be
  much appreciated.
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