[plt-scheme] web server config

From: David Gurvich (david.gurvich at verizon.net)
Date: Thu May 3 14:00:16 EDT 2007

> But won't both servers be listening to the /conf/___ urls?
> Rob

>> All the above depends on the plt webserver being able to run multiple
>> instances with different configurations.

Is it possible to use different configuration files for different instances of 
the plt webserver ? Simply create a different configuration-table file and 
use that to change settings.  In configuration.ss there is a setting:

(define default-configuration-table-path
	(build-path (collection-path "web-server") "configuration-table"))

The only remaining problem is having multiple instances of the webserver 
running.  That might cause problems with memory requirements.  Is there a way 
to have different ports be served with different configuration tables using 
only one instance of the webserver?


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