[plt-scheme] Trouble with SLIB

From: Tony Sterrett (tonys at sterrett.net)
Date: Wed Mar 28 00:53:37 EDT 2007

I'm using PLT scheme with OS X (10.4.9). I'm trying to use the bignum  
functions. I'm getting a variety of errors:
Applications/PLT Scheme v360/collects/slibinit/init.ss::2899: slib- 
init: can't find SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable, "slib"  
collection, or a system slib dir
I've tested modified SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH with (putenv ...). I've  
tried a number of things. I've researched back in the mail log and  
there seemed to have been some discussion on this subject (there was  
a patch but it was for 299). It seem like the slibinit/init.ss file  
is broken and t hat certainly seems to be true. It seems to think PLT  
scheme is installed in /usr/local but on the Mac its in /Applications/ 
PLT Scheme v360/collects. Is OS X's directory structure the  
underlying problem? It has certainly caused its share of headaches  
with the spaces and whatnot.

Has there been any decision  to thrash slibint, what are people using  
for bignums? I'm working some code (in C) that uses the Chinese  
Remainder theorem, using scheme and bignum would be ideal.


Tony Sterrett

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