[plt-scheme] #%top experiment

From: support at taxupdate.com (support at taxupdate.com)
Date: Tue Mar 27 07:20:24 EDT 2007

I'm making my first attempt at using #%top.  With this module, I'd like all code
to evaluate normally, except that when an undefined symbol is encountered, I'd
like to search *hash* for it before signalling an error:

(module hasher mzscheme
  (define *hash* (make-hash-table))
  (hash-table-put! *hash* 'test 'ok)
  (provide (rename top #%top))
  (define-syntax (top stx)
    (syntax-case stx ()
      ((_ . identifier)
       (let ((s (syntax-e #'identifier)))
         (if (symbol? s)
             (syntax/loc stx
               (if (not (namespace-variable-value 'identifier #f (lambda () #f)))
                   (hash-table-get *hash* 'identifier (lambda () (error 'identifier "not defined")))
                   (#%top . identifier)))
             (syntax/loc stx (#%top . identifier))))))))

(This is lifted from similar code in swindle.ss in the swindle collection.)

This code works
(require hasher
  (define x 1)
  (display x)    ;; 1
  (display test) ;; ok
However, when I go to something a little more complex it breaks:

(require hasher)
(require (lib "whatever.ss" "somewhere"))

This gets the error "lib: not defined".  Clearly I need a more sophisticated test in
the syntax.  Any suggestions?


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