[plt-scheme] Scheme from the commandline

From: Don Blaheta (dblaheta at knox.edu)
Date: Mon Mar 26 03:00:21 EDT 2007

I'm trying to write scripts to automate a couple things, and I've run
into two problems.  My students are using DrScheme v360 and are (at the
moment) in Beginner Student.

* I tried to automatically load their files using mzscheme -f.  I can
  set the language level, but when I run this:

    mzscheme -L htdp-beginner.ss lang -f hwk1.scm

  I get this message:

    hwk1.scm:26:0: define: function definitions are not allowed in the
    interactions window; they must be in the definitions window in: ...

  As a workaround I can just load them inside intermediate, but I'm
  still curious: is there a better way?

* Some of them have been making use of the graphical Test Case boxes,
  and their files are thus in the WXME multimedia format.  I gather that
  this isn't part of (the release version of) mzscheme yet, but I thought
  it was in MrEd; but when I try

    mred -z -L htdp-intermediate.ss lang -f hwk1.scm

  I get

    Unknown snip class or version: "test-case-box%" version 2.

  That actually sounds like it's recognising the format, but isn't
  test-case-box% a builtin snip type?  The file opens in the current
  version of DrScheme just fine.  Could I just skip these (since I'll
  be running my own tests as part of a script anyway)?

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