[plt-scheme] issues using planet, digest.plt, crypto.plt

From: Dimitris Vyzovitis (vyzo at media.mit.edu)
Date: Fri Mar 23 03:48:08 EDT 2007

On Thu, 22 Mar 2007, Yin-So Chen wrote:

> Vyzo - thanks for giving it a shot.  Appreciated ;)

Alright, I made a fix. The planet package may take a while to appear, but
you can get the new version as a stand-alone library here:

Unpack the archive into your collects dir and run 'setup-plt -l crypto'.
You can run the test suite to make sure stuff works:
(require (lib "test.ss" "crypto"))

-- vyzo

PS: You may need --force when unpacking, as I made the archive with 369.8.

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