[plt-scheme] Re: DrScheme Faster on Powerset than MzScheme - Why?

From: Kyle Smith (airfoil at bellsouth.net)
Date: Thu Mar 15 23:25:17 EDT 2007

Robby Findler <robby at ...> writes:

> > >
> > > Was debugging enabled in the drscheme run?
> >
> > I don't know -- I used Kyle's numbers.
> Yes, sorry: that was a question for Kyle.
> Robby

Thanks for looking at this.  First to Robby's question.  I ran it with and 
without debugging and with and without it being compiled to .zo.  But, I didn't
notice any significant change in times.   The numbers I posted were from my XP
box, and they are consistent.  I just ran the same test on my Mac Pro box, and
mzscheme was consistently ~200ms quicker than DrScheme (all times faster than 
on the XP box.)  I never got the results that Jon got, where running (go) 
several times made any difference.

So the issue is with my XP box.  That will teach me to stop using it and 
always run my benchmarks on my more consistent, well behaved, and faster OS X 
machine.  It's strange though, because both machines are dual 3.0GHz Xeon 
boxes with 4GB of memory, so you'ld expect to see similar results.  But since 
I can only make it happen on a single machine it has to be something with the 
way the XP system is handling the heap I would suspect.

I appreciate all of your input.  I think we can safely say this is a machine 
specific anomally.


airfoil at bellsouth dot com

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