[plt-scheme] XML parent element

From: Andrew Reilly (andrew-scheme at areilly.bpc-users.org)
Date: Thu Mar 15 04:05:10 EDT 2007

On Wed, 14 Mar 2007 22:19:24 -0400
Rainer Gross <rainer_gross at gmx.net> wrote:

> Yes i mean xml.ss :-(
> what about the ssax implementation where can i find it? is it very  
> different from xml.ss? I've a lot of code based on xml.ss at least a  
> lot for me not having much time playing around with scheme.

Apart from the link that Matthias just posted, you can also find
it in PLaneT.  I recently switched from xml.ss to ssax et al with
the following headers:

(require (planet "ssax.ss" ("lizorkin" "ssax.plt" 1 3)))
(require (planet "sxml-match.ss" ("jim" "sxml-match.plt" 1 0)))


The match language of sxml-match.ss is a bit different from that
of xml.ss, but my application was young, so the change wasn't
hard.  The big differences seem to be that variable names are
comma-escaped in sxml-match, and not in xml-match, and attributes
are collected into a list called "@" in sxml, and into an unnamed
list in xml.ss.

sxml-match does some pretty neat things for matching lists and
repeated elements that I can't remember if xml.ss can handle.

My main reason for switching was that sxml seems to support other
scheme implementations.  Not that that's really an issue for me
at this stage, but I believe in keeping my options open...

> A help desk search in DrScheme shows no result.

I think that help desk will link you to the PLaneT web page,
though, and it's listed there.



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