[plt-scheme] DTD

From: Ray (rracine at adelphia.net)
Date: Mon Mar 12 21:23:33 EDT 2007

I haven't seen one.  I have been seriously looking at what it would take
to do a XML Schema parser / XML validator.

DTD's are archaic mostly today. XSD Schema is what you need going
forward for general support.

>From a specification stand point they've certainly made a mess of it,
but it is what it is. Imagine a whole bunch of commercial interests
trying to jointly produce a specification, each protecting their little
pieces.  Hmmm... where have I seen that before ... oh yea, the CL
language spec.

Validation, except for a couple of corner case(s) (wildcard) is a NFA.
I've seen the an algorithm in a paper somewhere.  Its pretty straight
forward if I recall.  W3C has a nice white paper on an abstract syntax
for XSD schema.

While there are XML validators there is only one comprehensive Schema
parser/builder API (open source) that I know of and that's the (Java)
Eclipse XSD project.  Maybe Sun has one as well.

If someone wants to take a run at this, I'd like to chip in. Be
forewarned all the silliness in XSD will make it a royal PITA to get it

If your needs are truly of "just need DTD like" functionality and not
the full blown hags head of what is XSD then consider doing Relax NG.
A truly sane approach to the problem. Sane, simple and elegant which
means no commercial support whatsoever.  The damage IBM and now M$ have
done will cripple generations of minds, pure brain damage.  Might has
well feed young children old paint chips.  Same effect.

On Mon, 2007-03-12 at 20:36 -0400, Matthias Felleisen wrote:
> Is there a DTD parser/writer around for the xml collection? I know  
> it's not in the collection. I mean does anyone have something that  
> translates a DTD into a higher-order parser for XML/Xexpr? -- Matthias
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