[plt-scheme] Windows Native exe

From: a_fasano at hotmail.com (a_fasano at hotmail.com)
Date: Sat Mar 10 14:36:00 EST 2007

Given a standard  mzscheme 360 distribution and the MS linker  8.00.50727, I
try to build as a native exe the file:


(module ciao2 mzscheme 
    (display "Hello, World!")

To build I first run:

cd c:\mz-360\src\worksp\mzscheme\ciao
mzc --object    --embedded ciao.scm
mzc --link-glue --embedded ciao.kp ciao.obj 

And then I build with:

cd ..
set LINKSTR=/OUT:ciao.exe /DEBUG /PDB:"..\..\..\MzScheme.pdb"
set LINKSTR=%LINKSTR% unicows.lib  user32.lib
set LINKSTR=%LINKSTR% "..\..\..\lib\msvc\libmzgcxxxxxxx.lib"
set LINKSTR=%LINKSTR% ".\Debug\main.obj" ".\Debug\mzscheme.res"
set LINKSTR=%LINKSTR% "ciao\_loader.obj" "ciao\ciao.obj"
link %LINKSTR%  

Unfotunately when I copy the exe in the c:\mz-360\lib directory, I get:

"Cannot load libmzgcxxxxxxx.dll" error.

Can you help, please.


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