[plt-scheme] Foreign Function Interface...

From: geb a (geb_a at yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Mar 8 18:06:39 EST 2007

I have been working with the Foreign Function
Interface  to ImageMagick.  It appears that c-pointer
cannot be passed to a scheme function.  It that
correct?  Is it possible to create a c-pointer
parameter so that it may  be passed?

Am I even asking the right questions? :-)

Thanks for the help.



(define (average r g b)
  (/ (+ r g b) 3))

(define (wand->number wand)
          (car  (test (MagickGetImageChannelMean wand
          (car  (test (MagickGetImageChannelMean wand
          (car  (test (MagickGetImageChannelMean wand

(define w (test (MagickReadImage "test.jpg")))
> w
>  (wand->number w)
. .
MagickWand: (CoderError) Application transferred too
few scanlines `test.jpg'

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