[plt-scheme] syntax to load an SRFI library in MzScheme

From: Daniel Yoo (dyoo at cs.wpi.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 1 16:12:41 EST 2007

> What is the "(require (lib ...))" syntax is to get the SRFI-13 string
> library in MzScheme?

Hi Jan,

Here you go:

     (require (lib "string.ss" "srfi" "13"))

Normally, we'd be able to say something shorter, like

     (require (lib "13.ss" "srfi"))

but as you noted, there are a few SRFI's that provide symbols that 
conflict with mzscheme's primitives or stuff provided by mzlib.

For those cases, there are special-cased module paths (like the one above) 
that will rename the conflicting names to avoid conflict.  We can look at 
the 'doc.txt' file that comes in the SRFI collection documentation for 
more information on this.  (In the "NOTE on SRFIs with name conflicts" 


Best of wishes!

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