[plt-scheme] Re: PLT-Scheme web server doesn't like me.

From: manicmessiah at gmail.com (manicmessiah at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jul 31 08:55:28 EDT 2007

I have a revelation!
I just reinstalled DrScheme and tried to start it:

"open-input-file: cannot open input file: "C:\Documents and
Settings\Administrator\Application Data\PLT
Scheme\370\collects\web-server\web- server-unit.ss" (The system cannot find
the file specified.; errno=2)

 === context ===
c:\program files\plt\collects\mred\private\snipfile.ss:253:2:
c:\program files\plt\collects\mred\private\snipfile.ss:207:2:


Haha! This is also funny because during the uninstallation, I was asked if I
wanted to remove all the remaining files.
As you'd expect, I clicked "Yes", only to see an error box appear.

I'm now going to try to uninstall, remove every and any file remaining, and
then start from scratch.
I've got the task manager here to track any processes which may be

Again, flames and support are appreciated.

Oh... and:

> You already have, above, and given that you gave us faulty error
> reports (do you know how to use copy-and-paste?), you're not casting
> yourself in the best light.

Uh, faulty?!
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