[plt-scheme] semaphore-value

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Wed Jul 25 11:14:34 EDT 2007

I already built a semaphore struct-type containing a mzscheme's semaphore and a 
counter together with a separate semaphore for protection of the counter 
increments and decrements. The code is complicated because a dead lock is easily 
produced and I am not yet sure I did prevent all possibilities of dead locks. I 
do see how semaphore-wait can be used to obtain the a guess of the current value 
of the counter, but  I don't want procedure semaphore-counter to decrement the 
counter down to zero, for this may unnnecessarily block other threads. 
Furthermore this seems a lot of work for something that can be done in a few 
processor cycles at the bottom level of MzScheme. The counter is already around 
somewhere. Why should I have to duplicate it? ::::))))
Thanks, Jos Koot

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> You can build your own on top of `semaphore-try-wait?'.
> Chongkai
> Jos Koot wrote:
>> Hi
>> A question: Is there a reason for not providing a procedure like 
>> (semaphore-count sema) --> current value of the semaphore counter? It seems 
>> rather easy to implement, but I rather like not to poke in MzScheme's C code 
>> (sema.c). Of course the returned value may be outdated by the time it is 
>> returned, but that's no problem.
>> Greetings, Jos Koot.

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