[plt-scheme] tutorial on threads in scheme ?

From: Ivan Altaparmakov (ialt at tu-sofia.bg)
Date: Wed Jul 25 07:26:44 EDT 2007

Erlang is very good , but 
then why to learn scheme at all ? (joke )
erlang is using pattern matching , and concurrency
is strongly integrated in this pattern matching.

Is this the case with scheme pattern matching? 
By the way it is also  not possible (such as for threads) to start using 
pat. match. in scheme only by reading documentation.

I think that help system should be more beginner oriented / friendly
(i.e there have to be more guiding principles for programming , not only
description of functions)
as scheme tends to be good for beginners. 
In this state help system could be useful only for
 very experienced programmers. I think - this is disadvantage.

best regards

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> Ivan Altaparmakov wrote:
> > but is there electronic books (not paper) for concurrent 
> > programming in functional languages 
> > (not necessary for scheme but preferably) 
> I don't know of anything online for Scheme.
> You might look at Erlang tutorials and resources. --PR


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