[plt-scheme] tutorial on threads in scheme ?

From: Ivan Altaparmakov (ialt at tu-sofia.bg)
Date: Tue Jul 24 05:49:39 EDT 2007


book on semaphores seems good 
and the idea for "Concurrent Programming in ML" i s not bad 
but is there electronic books (not paper) for concurrent 
programming in functional languages 
(not necessary for scheme but preferably) 

thanks again

> As a beginner, you may want to work through a book like:
> http://greenteapress.com/semaphores/downey05semaphores.pdf
> to get around on the subject 'concurrent programming'. Next
> you can read the scheme manual to find out what threading
> primitives and model is used in PLT Scheme.
> I hope that helpes.
> --Hans

> May I suggest reading the book "Concurrent Programming in ML", which is 
> coming out in a paperback edition shortly? I believe CML influenced the 
> MzScheme thread implementation, and the ideas translate over quite 
> nicely. There is even a chapter on implementation, which you can use to 
> make small prototype threading systems of various flavours in MzScheme 
> yourself. --PR


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