[plt-scheme] unclear configure options

From: Ryan Culpepper (ryanc at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sun Jul 15 15:36:47 EDT 2007

On Sun, 2007-07-15 at 20:26 +0200, Marijn Schouten (hkBst) wrote:
> Hello list,
> I was looking at the options to configure and I foud a few for which I thought
> the explanation wasn't very clear.
>   --enable-libpng         use libpng instead of building (enabled by default)
>   --enable-libjpeg        use libjpeg instead of building (enabled by default)
> instead of building what? a bundled version? I looked briefly and I didn't see
> any bundled version. It doesn't seem to be "use *** when available (enabled by
> default)" either, cause then it would have said so. So if not these then what
> does this mean?

It does mean instead of using the bundled copies of the libraries. They
are located under the $PLT/src/wxcommon directory.

>   --enable-perl           use perl to regenerate certain sources
> that sounds like it doesn't effect the output, but only the build process
> itself, speeding it up most like. But if that is true, why would it be a
> configure option at all? There is little point in not using perl to speed up
> the build if it is available. So again, if not this then what does this mean?

The source distribution contains just a few things that are pre-built
for you. The pre-built files are platform-independent, and shipping them
with the source simplifies the build process. The "--enable-perl" option
enables the support for rebuilding them yourself. See
$PLT/src/mzscheme/src/startup.ss for more information.


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