[plt-scheme] Storing the result of a eval while in a continuation

From: Hans Oesterholt-Dijkema (hdnews at gawab.com)
Date: Sat Jul 14 03:27:51 EDT 2007

Hi Grant,

What is your question? Example of a plugin can be seen below.
context is an object providing the current page context and request
context of HWiki/PLT Web Server.


  (require (planet "hwikiplugin.scm" ("oesterholt" "hwiki.plt" 1 0)))

  (lambda (context)
      (let ((sqli (sqli-provider)))
        (let ((R (begin
         (sqli-query sqli "select page,title,part,time from register 
where context=$1 order by time desc limit 30" (-> context context))
         `(div ((class "lastedits"))
              (h1 ,(_ "Last edits for context '~a'" (-> context context)))
                `(table ((align "center")) )
                 '((tr  (th ((class "page")) "Page")
                        (th ((class "part")) "Part")
                        (th ((class "title")) "Title")
                        (th ((class "time")) "Time")))
                 (map (lambda (row)
                         (apply (lambda (page title part time)
                                  `(tr (td ((class "page")) ,(format 
"~a" page))
                                       (td ((class "part")) ,(format 
"~a" part))
                                      (td ((class "title")) ,(format 
"~a" title))
                                       (td ((class "time")) ,(format 
"~a" time)))
                      (sqli-fetchall sqli)))
          (sqli-closer sqli)

Grant Rettke schreef:
> On 7/10/07, Hans Oesterholt-Dijkema <hdnews at gawab.com> wrote:
>> This evaluation returns a lambda closure with context as a parameter.
> What problem does that solve? How does that look?
> I've got an idea, but I am not so sure.

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