[plt-scheme] Code review request

From: Jaime Vargas (jev at mac.com)
Date: Sat Jul 7 19:40:15 EDT 2007

I have been working steadily on HtDP and have done pretty much every  
exercise in the book.  I love the transformational experience that it  
delivers. of changing one's bad habits into a disciplined approach to  
problem solving! For this I am forever thankful.

I have a few exercises in which I am not completely sure my solution  
is comprehensive either because I don't get the wording of the  
problem completely (english is my second language) or because I feel  
there are cases not covered by my solution.  Could any one help me  
doing some code reviews? I didn't want to post my code to the list  
and violate its policies.


Jaime E. Vargas
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