[plt-scheme] DrScheme: highlight free variables within selected expression?

From: Ryan Newton (newton at mit.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 5 12:09:17 EDT 2007

Seeing as there was just a long thread on colorizing parentheses, I  
thought I'd take this opportunity to mention a UI feature that I  
would personally find much more useful than multicolored parens.

    Namely, highlighting free variables within a selected expression.

DrScheme already does this at a module granularity -- distinguishing  
locally bound identifiers from those imported from other modules.   
But because I use DrScheme frequently for factoring existing code, I  
often want to pick up a (large) expression and move it somewhere  
else.  Well, after I've moved it, DrScheme will happily inform me of  
unbound identifiers, which is great.  But it would be even better if  
I could immediately see the free variables within a highlighted  
expression.  (Without hovering the mouse over each identifier!)


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