[plt-scheme] game libraries

From: nik gaffney (nik at fo.am)
Date: Tue Jul 3 12:41:26 EDT 2007

> I/m considering a project that uses Debian, the allegro game library, 
> OpenGL, and the allegro plugin for OpenGL (which I haven't yet found in 
> Debian -- help welcome).  I plan to work in an exploratory style -- 
> try something, see what's fun about it, refactor, build on what works 
> and discard what doesn't.

> Should I be using some completely different collection of tools or 
> libraries instead?

you might want to have a look at fluxus, which is specifically designed
for working in an exploratory style. there are a few examples of simple
games that are included (and it could no doubt be extended to meet the
demands of more complex ones.. .)


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