emacs key bindinge -- WAS: Re: [plt-scheme] Project management

From: hendrik at topoi.pooq.com (hendrik at topoi.pooq.com)
Date: Mon Jul 2 09:42:58 EDT 2007

On Mon, Jul 02, 2007 at 01:32:39PM +0100, Noel Welsh wrote:
> On 7/2/07, hendrik at topoi.pooq.com <hendrik at topoi.pooq.com> wrote:
> >There's a keybinding in real emacs already to open a new window; but I
> >don't recall what it is.
> C-x 5 2, obviously. :)
> And, no, I didn't look it up

It must really be obvious, then.

There's an old joke about a mathematician giving a talk.  He says 
"Obviously", and then writes an equatino on the blackboard.  He stops 
and looks at it for a while, and then walks out of the room to his 
office.  For a while the audience heard sounds of intense pacing, 
getting down refernce books, shuffling papers, cursing and scratching 
out errors.  Then he returns, and announces, Yes.  It is indeed obvious.

-- hendrik

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