[plt-scheme] Project management

From: Corey Sweeney (corey.sweeney at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jul 1 18:07:07 EDT 2007

I seem toI have managed to exceed the 2 Gigs of memory in my new
machine during development, so I'm interested in looking at more
efficent ways of doing project management.

Right now, I have a linux (bash) script launch 4 copies of drscheme,
each copy with about 10 tabs.

Is there a way to open a second window from the command prompt, and
load files into tabs in the second window?  My idea is that by only
loading drscheme once, I'm hoping it will save memory.

Or, alternatively, is there a way of opening windows, and loading
files into tabs from the interaction prompt?  Something like:

> (define window1 (drscheme:new-window))
> (drscheme:load-file-in-tab "file1.scm" window1)
> (drscheme:load-file -in-tab "file2.ss" window1)
> (define window2 (drscheme:new-window))
> (drscheme:load-file-in-tab  "file3.ss" window2)
> (drscheme:load-file-in-tab  "file4.scm" window2)

Due to some conversations I've had in the past, I'm guessing that
would have to be nested,  I.E. every time I wanted to edit a file,
load drscheme, and have it open a file, which has (require
"drscheme.ss") or something in it, and auto-run it.  (by the way, how
do you "auto-run" a program in drscheme?), then type something like
that at the interaction prompt, which would open the tabs in a nested
copy of drscheme?  Which would give me 2 running copies of drscheme,
which while non-ideal, would be better then 4.

Or would the "load-file-in-tab" functions be protected behind a module
barrier, and thefrore inaccessable?

I'm not really sure about anything here, so this is kind of a general
probe.  I'm just looking for a solution that I can interactively
improve from the "interactions area" as i'm using it.


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